Metrolink is the regional commuter train service linking Southern Californians to employment and activity centers throughout the region. Metrolink offers a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly commute option. Currently, Metrolink has seven lines in service and 56 stations in six counties.

Routes & Schedules
Check out the Metrolink Interactive Rail System Map for routes and schedules. View all Metrolink schedules.

Fares are calculated based on travel distance. Find out your exact fare by checking the Metrolink Fare Calculator and entering where you want to depart and arrive.

Use the self-serve ticket vending machines (TVMs) located at all Metrolink stations and follow the step-by-step instructions to buy tickets and passes. You must have a valid ticket before boarding Metrolink. There are no conductors to collect tickets or gates to pass through, but you may be cited by a fare inspector if you cannot show proof of payment. Round-trip tickets are valid for the date of purchase only. 10-trip tickets must be date-stamped in the validator before boarding the train.

Your Metrolink ticket is also good for use on most connecting local bus services and on Metro Rail services. Just show your valid Metrolink ticket or pass to the bus operator or fare inspector. An additional charge may apply for use on some commuter or express routes.

If you are a regular commuter in the service area, you can take advantage of the Rail-2-Rail program. This program allows monthly pass holders on Metrolink to take any Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train operating between Oceanside and Oxnard, and vice versa.

Most Metrolink rail stations offer free parking.