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Trip Planner
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Trip Planner Help

1. To plan your trip, first enter your start and end points in one of the following ways:

  • As an intersection:
    1st/Main St
  • As a street address:
    101 S Main St
  • Or as a landmark name:


  • When in doubt about an address range (E, W, N, or S) or street type, you can enter the location without it. If it is not a unique location, you will get a list of possibilities to choose from.
  • Spell out street names instead of using abbreviations. For example, instead of PCH, type Pacific Coast Highway. Instead of MLK, type Martin Luther King.
  • To help the Trip Planner find your address or intersection, enter additional information, like the city or zip code or both, separated by commas.
  • Examples
  • Jefferson/Overland, Culver City (with city only)
  • Olive/3rd, 91502 (with zip only)
  • Chapman/Main, Orange, 92868 (with city and zip)

2. Enter when you want to take your trip.

  • Select either leave at or arrive by.
  • Select the day of the week you want to travel
  • Select the time of day you want to travel

3. Select the type of fare you will pay.

4. Click on "Plan My Trip" to retrieve your trip.